Our Services

The services you demand

  • Financial Reporting We maintain complete and separate banking and accounting systems for each client to ensure the integrity of your funds. Personalized financial reports hit your desk on a schedule that works for you. Our secure state-of-the-art software and technology cuts administrative costs and accelerates workflow and informational access.
  • Due Diligence and Financial Services Our property evaluation process is built on decades of proven, profitable experience. We know this market, and it shows. Expect on-site book and record analysis, detailed market and cost segregation studies, strategic renovation, property tax and insurance policy review, lease renewals, NNN and CAM reconciliations and presentations, income tax return preparation by our in house CPAs, financing and refinancing assistance, preparation of assets for sale, proforma budget projections and much, much more. Invest with confidence with our team behind you.
  • Service Subcontractors and Vendor Discounts Our extensive professional network allows us to negotiate the best work at the best price. Need landscaping, janitorial, parking lot cleaning and striping, snow removal, plumbing and electrical repairs, fire and security systems or HVAC work? We’ll dispatch contractors you can trust and verify that the job was completed correctly, on time and within budget before you pay. We receive preferential pricing and we pass it directly on to you—and we are always reviewing, evaluating and negotiating for the very best deals.
  • Building Monitoring We keep a close eye on your property. Rigorous inspection schedules and regular maintenance identify irregularities before they become issues. We can also evaluate your energy costs and craft a conservation plan. We respond to emergencies 24/7 with professional, dependable maintenance managers who receive extensive training and round-the-clock support.
  • Leasing With Paragon Management you can renew leases, lease vacant space, develop marketing plans and strategies, acquire market studies and analysis, develop a theme or renovation plan for each property, provide opinions of value and advertise properties through multi-media channels.
  • Construction Management As construction managers we offer unbiased advice on every stage of a project, from the initial concept to the certificate of occupancy. We can select a project team and construction and design programs, always with an eye on your bottom line.
  • Income and Real Estate Taxes Our President, Drew Swenson, is a CPA and was a senior partner for many years with the New England Accounting Firm Berry Dunn where he directed the real estate, construction and hospitality department. Prior to that, he directed the Real Estate Tax Practice for the six KPMG New England Offices. He is currently Managing Director of FTS US, Inc with offices in Portland, Boston and New York City providing tax services to private equity and high net worth clients. He has specialized for over twenty five years in real estate management taxation, syndication, development, financing, tax planning and strategic real estate consulting, working with hundreds of real estate clients throughout the United States. Mr. Swenson brings all of his skills to our client’s properties and portfolios.